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Yahoo snatches up NYT’s David Pogue to launch a new tech news site

After 13 years at the publication, one of the New York Times’ most recognizable tech writers, David Pogue is leaving it to head up a new tech news website at Yahoo.

Pogue made the announcement on his Tumblr, saying that even though Yahoo had received a lot of criticism over the years (some of it coming from him,) he decided to take a chance working for the underdog, mostly due to it’s new culture under CEO Marissa Mayer. 

This is a company that’s young, revitalized, aggressive — and, under Marissa Mayer’s leadership, razor-focused, for the first time in years. Since she took over a year ago, Yahoo has regained its position as the #1 most visited Web site on earth. She’s overseen brilliant overhauls of several Yahoo sites and apps, and had the courage to shut down the derelict ones.

But what will the new tech website look like? Is it Marissa’s way of countering the relentless scrutiny she receives courtesy Kara Swisher and her team at AllThingsD?  From the announcements, it looks like it’ll be more focused on consumer news and products rather than insider news. (Think more Walt Mossberg, than Kara Swisher.)

Mayer had her own post up about Pogue’s appointment, here’s what she said. 

David will lead a major expansion of consumer tech coverage on Yahoo and will publish columns, blog posts and video stories that demystify the gadgets, apps and technology that powers our users’ daily lives.

Pogue will take up his new position at Yahoo within the next few weeks. 

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