Yahoo launches resource site for Hispanic marketers

Yahoo has launched Yahoo Publicidad, a resource site for current and prospective advertisers looking to reach the Hispanic market in the US and throughout Latin America.

“The Yahoo network caters to pan-regional advertisers who want to spread their message,” said Manuel Mazzanti, marketing director for Yahoo Hispanic Americas. “We have a great marketing platform to provide those advertisers with the capability to reach not only US Hispanics but also target others in Latin America and South America.”

According to ComScore Media Metrix, Yahoo was the preferred search engine among US Hispanics in October 2008, totaling 15 million users and holding a 75.2% market share.

Yahoo Publicidad is currently a Spanish language site, but Mazzanti said the site will be bilingual later this week. The site gives overviews of Yahoo’s marketing solutions, requirements and ad formats, industry data, statistics and profiles of Yahoo users by country including the US, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Columbia, Chile and Venezuela.

“Yahoo is the only marketing platform to integrate display, performance or search and mobile advertising,” Mazzanti said. “To combine the three will basically garner better results for campaign management.”

Mazzanti hopes Yahoo Publicidad will serve as an information source not only for Yahoo, but for the online advertising industry as a whole.  

Yahoo’s US Hispanic site, which now operates in partnership with Telemundo, will split from the TV network to form two separate sites. Yahoo’s site will be called Yahoo en Español. Mazzanti said this move is expected in January.  

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