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Yahoo launches a redesigned Finance app for iOS

Yahoo is continuing its big push for better mobile presence with a redesign for one of its most popular services, Yahoo Finance.

The Finance app, released for iOS, lets users track the performance of their selected stocks. In addition to following stock prices in real-time, the app also provides related breaking news and data visualizations. 

So what’s new in the redesign? Other than a much better looking, and more intuitive user interface, the app now includes push notifications for important news stories related to the user’s stocks. It’s also easier to manually customize data visualizations and comparative reports. As a result, the new app has a more personal touch.

Given that for the longest time, Yahoo’s most popular mobile app was Yahoo Weather, it’s good to see the company making some much needed moves for the mobile market. Earlier this year, it updated its flagship Yahoo News app, and rolled out a redesign for Yahoo Mail as well. 

Yahoo says a similar redesign can be expected for the web version of the Finance service in the coming months.

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