Yahoo joins with Adobe on PDF ads

Adobe Systems and Yahoo have partnered to offer Ads for Adobe PDF Powered by Yahoo.The platform lets online commercial publishers include contextual ads next to Adobe PDF-based content, and marketers can target ads based on PDF content.

“Advertising within a PDF is not new, but this is the first time people can do this in a dynamic model,” said Kurt Garbe, entrepreneur in residence for advertising at Adobe. “This moves PDF ads from a static ad model to a dynamic model.”

Text-based ads run next to Adobe PDF content, with Yahoo providing access to its network of advertisers to match the subject matter. Publishers signed on to the program include IDG InfoWorld, Pearson’s Education, Meredith Corporation and Reed Elsevier.

“Consumers are calling for more free content,” Garbe added. “This is a way for publishers to monetize that content.”

To join the free program, now in beta, publishers must register online. It is available to US publishers that create English-language content. Adobe PDF content is uploaded, then ad-enabled before distribution. Ads are displayed within Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat, in a panel adjacent to the content. Each time a PDF is viewed, contextual ads are dynamically matched to its content.

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