Yahoo Breaks New Campaign for Enterprise Product

Yahoo Inc. breaks an advertising campaign Aug. 19 touting its latest My Yahoo Enterprise Edition 5.0, 95 modules of integrated online content and applications for internal corporate portals.

The campaign by San Francisco agency Blackrocket runs on The Wall Street Journal and its sibling as well as PC World. Media placement also includes more than 100 million impressions across highly trafficked Yahoo destinations like news, sports and travel.

“We're establishing our credibility and our presence in the enterprise space,” said David Gee, vice president of portal solutions at Yahoo, Sunnyvale, CA.

CEOs, chief information officers and chief financial officers are among the decision-makers targeted for this offensive for the expanded Internet information management platform for companies.

The new enterprise edition includes instant access to leading portal software platforms and localized content in 12 languages covering 24 regions.

The business research package has modules tracking company and industry news, profiles and performance by industry segment, stock symbol and keyword. Industry packages, on the other hand, will be tailored by categories like government, healthcare, computers, finance and banking.

Users also can incorporate contextual My Yahoo content into their company portals and portal-based business applications. Vendors like Sun Microsystems, SAP, TIBCO Software and BEA support the new edition. The modules can be added, removed and locked for use by specific workgroups, individuals or across the company.

Advertisements will drive users to a landing page that touts all these features. A print ad is headlined, “How do you get 10,000 employees, clients and suppliers to all hang out at the same water cooler?”

Copy goes on to say in the same light vein: “Give your corporate portal a cozy, familiar feeling; get everyone on the same page (literally); slap it on your infrastructure, like, this afternoon; be a superhero (cape optional); give it a whirl at

Online ads are cheeky. Gee said one ad's headline went along the lines of “Wouldn't you like My Yahoo inside your organization?”

Consumers can e-mail the ad to their contacts as part of a viral measure.

Launched two years ago, Yahoo's enterprise offering aggregates content from more than 2,000 sources. It has more than 50 customers worldwide, including McDonald's Corp.'s franchise extranet and Honeywell's employee portal structure. But competition is intense in this $1 billion-plus market, from players like Screaming Media and Yellowbrix.

To ship in the fourth quarter, Edition 5.0 is priced on a per-seat basis for a pure intranet and per-processor basis for an extranet to suppliers and private member communities.

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