Yahoo Aims to Ensure and Verify Audience Deliverability

Yahoo announced today that it has fully integrated Internet analytics company comScore’s validated Campaign Essentials (vCE) into Yahoo ad buying and reporting platforms. vCE is an ad deliverability solution that provides unduplicated impressions and evaluates those impressions against campaign audiences. According to Yahoo, the integration should allow marketers to ensure that their display and video ads are reaching a real audience, whether they buy direct or programmatically.

Additionally, the integration is designed to allow marketers to use comScore vCE data to get a more complete view of audiences across Yahoo websites and set up measurement of campaigns with one common metric, avoiding the tagging process.

“Integrating comScore vCE with Yahoo ad platforms provides advertisers with one place to buy, measure, and analyze campaigns against all available data,” Yahoo’s VP of Product Eric Lange said in a statement. 

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