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Yahoo advertisers will now receive audience verification and metrics through comScore

Display and video advertisers on Yahoo will now be able to ensure delivery and receive audience metrics for their ad spend on Yahoo’s platform.

By integrating with comScore’s Validated Campaign Essentials (vCE) service, advertisers can now see the same type of audience data they would get for TV ads, such as demographic information, reach and frequency of viewing. This gives advertisers a unified view of the audiences they are trying to reach across multiple digital channels.

“Brands are reaching their audiences through multiple channels and need a consistent way to measure results across their campaigns,” said Yahoo VP of product Eric Lange in a statement. “As we innovate to deliver a unified solution for advertisers, integrating comScore vCE® withYahoo ad platforms provides advertisers with one place to buy, measure and analyze campaigns against all available data. That’s something advertisers can’t get anywhere else today.”

Here are the new features available to Yahoo advertisers through the comScore integration:

  • Ensure audience delivery for display and video ads, whether purchased directly or through programmatic channels.
  • ComScore vCE® data provides a unified, single view of audiences across all Yahoo sites and the web, simplifying the audience verification and measurement process with one common metric.
  • Easily set up campaign measurement metrics in a single step, avoiding a labor-intensive tagging process.

For now, Yahoo says the service is only available for search, display and video advertisers on the web, but it plans to offer it for mobile as well as global markets soon.

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