Xerox Corp., Pitney Bowes Team Up on ADF Process

Xerox Corp., Stamford, CT, and Pitney Bowes Software Systems (PBSS), Lisle, IL, have entered into a cooperative marketing agreement to provide a solution aimed at improving the efficiency of print-finish operations for large-volume mailers.

Mailers now can purchase Xerox high-end printing systems and PBSS StreamWeaver software to maximize document production through the “Automated Document Factory'' process created by the Gartner Group, Stamford, CT.

The alliance will allow printers to systematically update high-end printing equipment, and StreamWeaver software will ensure timely delivery to customers.

StreamWeaver supports the transition to updated print technologies, consolidates documents going to the same recipient in one envelope and maximizes the use of mail-management software to presort or consolidate mailings for increased postal discounts.

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