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Wunderman to market for LexisNexis risk group

Wunderman has expanded its relationship with LexisNexis and is now responsible for creating integrated marketing campaigns for the data company’s Risk and Information Analytics Group.

LexisNexis tapped Wunderman in January to run campaigns for its US Legal Markets Group – one of the company’s biggest divisions.

“LexisNexis has a lot of divisions – companies that they’ve acquired in the past – and not everybody knows about those divisions,” said Steve Zammarchi, president of Wunderman. “So what they are looking for is to not only engage with those products that they know but some others that they now sell, so they can sell a portfolio or total solution.

“So … it was a similar proposition: how can we go out and help them acquire new customers, [while helping them to provide total solutions.”

The Risk and Information Analytics Group provides information and decision-making services to professionals in the risk information industry, including government agencies, law enforcement, financial services firms, collections agencies and insurance providers.

The group offers technology, data and scoring analytics in four service lines: customer acquisition and retention, authentication and screening, fraud prevention and collections management.

Zammarchi said Wunderman will use a multichannel approach for the campaign.

“The marketing will be highly targeted at customers, so it will be on targeted Web sites, e-mail, direct mail and in print,” explained Zammarchi.

“The first thing is to work with them on new positioning, look, feel and tone for their business group and help them with the acquisition of new customers, while broadening the awareness of their total solutions to existing customers,” he said.

Zammarchi said it was too early in the process to discuss specific campaign plans and could not reveal the length of the Wunderman/LexisNexis contract.

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