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Wunderman Study Ranks Saturn as No. 1 for Brand Experience

SAN FRANCISCO — A new research initiative by Wunderman ranked Saturn at No. 1 in its new Brand Experience Scorecard. The study will be released today at the DMA's fall show.

While traditional brand studies focus on brand perceptions among consumers, Wunderman's scorecard measures the quality of lived experience among brand users, revealing which brands consumers think deliver substance and value in their daily lives.

“Companies are starting to realize that building brand loyalty has less to do with traditional brand imagery and everything to do with frequent, customized one-to-one communication and interaction with customers about their specific needs,” said Wunderman CEO Daniel R. Morel.

Notably absent from the top ranks are big advertisers Coca-Cola and Nike. The rest of Wunderman's top 10: Gateway, Wal-Mart, Palm, Costco, Toyota, Sam's Club, Dell, America Online and Marriott. Leaders in various categories included airlines, Southwest; credit/charge cards, American Express; cosmetics, Avon and fast food, Subway. Laggards in those same categories were Continental, Visa, Revlon and Burger King.

The scorecard is based on data collected from more than 10,000 consumers regarding their use of 1,993 brands across 190 categories from 2000 to 2002. The latest ranking is based on data gathered on 250 brands in spring 2002.

Wunderman said it will conduct similar scorecards in Europe and Latin America early next year.

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