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WTF?? What The Fine?

Since July 1, 2014 Canada’s new Anti Spam Law (CASL) has been enforcing the new rules. During that period there have been a number of fines and undertakings (Administrative Monetary Penalties or AMPs) and each one revealed how CRTC intends to enforce CASL. The law was written to reduce the amount of unwanted email for Canadian consumers. We now require consent from an individual before we can email them – or at the very least in B2B situations, a darn good reason for sending relevant emails. Join Derek A. Lackey, President of the Direct Marketing Association of Canada and founder of CASL Keep™ – a comprehensive CASL Compliance Program designed to bring an organization into compliance within 60 days, as we take a closer look at the repercussions of non-compliance with this new law. Fines, undertakings and class action lawsuits are just not worth the risk.

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