Wrist brands: How brands are editing down their apps to fit the Apple Watch

How many smart watch wearers are going to use the device to make purchases or to interact with ads? How are they even going to close an ad, if the “x” is too small to touch.  Those are the kinds of questions we’ve been asking here at The Hub, and Campaign‘s Daniel Drew Turner has some answers.

What can you do with a 38 millimeter screen and two tiny buttons? A lot, it turns out, if you’re willing to make some edits. 

To win coveted space on the Apple Watch, brands are scaling down the apps that have succeeded on larger devices, offering minimal bells and whistles and limited functionality.

What is lost, for the most part, are enticements to buy or any sort of e-commerce. What remains are post-purchase conveniences that take advantage of the device’s prime position, strapped to the user’s wrist.

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