WorldLink managing DRTV ad sales for AmericanLife TV

Advertising sales firm WorldLink has agreed to sell short-form DRTV spots for baby boomer-focused cable network AmericanLife TV.

WorldLink works with “about 200 different advertisers and agencies that work in DRTV,” said Dan Casey, EVP of sales and GM for WorldLink.

AmericanLife TV reaches 12.7 million cable subscribers. It airs classic and original shows catering to an audience above age 55.

“Our content is family-friendly, no bad language or anything along those lines,” said Richard Allen, VP of sales for AmericanLife TV. “We’re very careful that the content of the commercials we run” fits with that mission, he added.

Total Communications Group had previously handled the DRTV ad sales for AmericanLife.

“We felt that WorldLink had the offices and the skilled sales force to develop and grow our network as we grow,” Casey said, when asked why the network made a change.

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