WorldGate Expands into Asia

U.S. interactive television company WorldGate will officially deploy its service to 3,000 of more than 230,000 customers of Singapore Cablevision.

WorldGate offers an I-TV service based primarily on receiving Internet content during programming and ads, as well as basic personal computer capabilities such as e-mail.

“WorldGate provides a simple user interface targeted at customers without computer experience, as well as Net-savvy users,” said Thomas Ee, senior vice president of engineering at Singapore Cablevision.

WorldGate serves approximately 45,000 customers worldwide, a number that could rise to 3 million homes within a year when the service is bundled and made available with the Microsoft TV Platform on the Motorola DCT 5000 advanced digital set-top box.

“Just as the reach of the Internet is not bounded by the limits of international borders, that's the same thinking that is in line with our vision of introducing WorldGate's service into as many worldwide households as we can,” said Hal Krisbergh, chairman and CEO at WorldGate, which announced the Singapore service this week.

WorldGate, Trevose, PA, has contracts with 21 cable operators in 13 countries.

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