Worldata/WebConnect Adds E-Mail Lists From

Worldata/WebConnect, Boca Raton, FL, has added 20 new opt-in e-mail lists separated by interest category from Internet community site, New York.'s master file consists of more than 1 million members of its Shopper's Club.

“These are all people who have opted in to the Shopper's Club and have a tendency to buy online, which is fantastic for anyone doing prospecting,” said Jay Schwedelson, corporate vice president at Worldata/WebConnect.

The file is available for the first time as 20 separate lists, aside from the master list. The 20 lists are:

• Auto consumers — 35,000 names.

• Book buyers — 27,000 names.

• Business professionals — 140,000 names.

• Connected professionals — 80,000 names.

• Entertainment consumers — 341,000 names.

• Financial professionals — 40,000 names.

• Gamers — 209,000 names.

• Health and fitness consumers — 74,000 names.

• Home and family consumers — 275,000 names.

• Investment consumers — 92,000 names.

• Job seekers — 112,000 names.

• Pet owners — 124,000 names.

• Real estate consumers — 15,000 names.

• Senior customers — 60,000 names.

• Single professionals — 154,000 names.

• Small-office/home-office professionals — 212,000 names.

• Sports enthusiasts — 98,000 names.

• Technical consumers — 174,000 names.

• Technology professionals — 54,000 names.

• Travel consumers — 110,000 names.

“This is the first time that we have segmented the file into all the different lists it's really made up of,” Schwedelson said. “Mailers have gotten more sophisticated, so we had to segment it further so that mailers not using the file can target the particular people that they are trying to reach for their offers.”

Worldata/WebConnect dedupes between segments, allowing mailers to use multiple interest categories without fear of duplication.

The lists offer age, gender and ZIP code selects, which is rare, Schwedelson said.

“Generally most e-mail lists that exist out there are primarily just e-mail address,” he said.

Recommendations and further information can be obtained through Worldata/WebConnect.

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