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Worldata releases summer List Price Index

B-to-c list prices have decreased this year, while b-to-b prices have remained steady, according to Worldata’s summer 2008 List Price Index. Permission-Based B-to-C Email reflects the largest percent decrease at 2.86%.

The company issues the index, which provides a comparison of list prices, on a quarterly basis. The index tracks price fluctuations, as CPM, for lists in various categories. This index reflects price variations from July 2007 to July 2008.

“The decrease across all consumer categories is primarily due to the current economic conditions that are noticeably influencing these list price trends,” said Ray Tesi, SVP of Worldata, in a statement. “The business categories still remain strong and the b-to-b e-mail channel in particular continues to be a highly competitive and successful channel, especially in the technology and HR segments.”

Cost-per-lead consumer programs averaged $1.20 per lead, a 10 cent decrease over last quarter, according to the index. Cost-per-lead b-to-b programs averaged $4.90 per lead, holding steady over last quarter. Whitepaper syndication Cost-per-lead programs showed an average of $13 per download, a 1.89% decrease.

On a CPM basis, permission based e-mail b-to-b is the highest priced category, according to the index, with a July 2008 average price of $299/M, an increase of $1/M from last year.

The largest price increases occurred with newsletters increasing $2/M, donors with an increase of $1/M, and business merchandise buyers increasing $1/M.

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