Worldata Introduces New Opt-In E-Mail Files

Worldata/WebConnect announced the availability of 10 new-to-market opt-in e-mail files yesterday.

“More and more of these files will be coming on to the market this year,” said Jay Schwedelson, corporate vice president at Worldata/WebConnect, Boca Raton, FL. “The great thing about these files is that they not only have opt-in e-mail addresses, but they also have postal addresses.”

Among the newly available lists are three business-to-business files:

• TurboCad, a publication targeting architects, engineers and others involved in computer-aided design, has more than 56,600 subscribers.

• TurboProject is a magazine for team management professionals, with more than 15,100 subscribers.

• Maximum Linux magazine reaches more than 20,000 Linux users.

The other seven new files managed by Worldata are the following business-to-consumer lists:

• The Floorplan file consists of more than 31,000 individuals who have opted in to receive e-mails regarding home improvements.

• Total Movie magazine has 20,000 subscribers who are interested in film and home theater.

• Revolution magazine covers music-related technology, news and links and has 30,000 subscribers.

• T3 magazine has 10,000 subscribers who want the latest news on hi-tech electronics.

• DigitalFoto magazine's 10,000 subscribers opt in to receive digital technology news.

• The NetAccelerator file has 15,000 individuals who have opted in to receive information on products and services to enhance Internet activities.

• MagMall has more than 40,000 consumers looking to purchase magazine subscriptions and keep up with trends.

All of the above files have base prices of $225 per thousand.

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