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Worldata Adds E-Mail Tracking System; List Firms Announce New Catalog Titles

List and Internet firm Worldata, Boca Raton, FL, will introduce an e-mail campaign tracking system, eSmart, at today's opening of the 16th Annual Catalog Conference & Exhibition in Chicago.

eSmart lets catalogers and other marketers track and measure response, including ROI, for every activity that takes place during an e-mail campaign or sponsorship from delivery through final sale. Custom tracking is accessible via a private URL. Key coding is also available to track specific messages used in simultaneous campaigns.

TrackBot from NetCreations, New York, and eTarget from yesmail.com, Chicago, offer similar tracking services.

eSmart is a free, value-added service for all clients of Worldata and its online ad placement partner firm, WebConnect. TrackBot charges its Postmaster Direct clients 5 cents per name. eSmart is now being used by MBNA and large consumer catalog clients.

Worldata corporate vice president Jay Schwedelson said eSmart is the only tracking system separating HTML and text e-mail messages. The system can segment lists based on the browser capability of the recipient so HTML messages are not sent to those who can not open them. HTML messages do far better than text in terms of click-through rates and are growing in volume because of consumer's increased use of browser-based e-mail systems, he said.

A number of list management firms are announcing new lists or services at this week's conference. All management is effective May 17 unless indicated:

American List Counsel, Princeton, NJ, has consolidated management of the Medical Economics file of six lists and the 1.9 million-name registered nurses database. Included in the file are the 335,445-name RN Nursing Journal, the 84,465-name Drug Topics and four other subscriber lists. ALC also took over management of the 57,000-name DoubleTake Magazine subscriber file effective May 1.

ALC of New York has furthered its consolidation of the individual lists of cataloger Hanover Direct by adding management of the 549,000-name The Company Store and the 160,000-name Kitchen & Home buyers lists, effective May 19. These lists join the Hanover titles Domestications and Gumps managed by the firm.

ALC of New York also will be managing the alternative media programs for The Company Store which consist of 1 million-piece package insert program and 10 million-piece blow-in program. Kitchen & Home has a PIP of 195,000 and a blow-in program of 2 million.

Mark Friedman, vice president of marketing for the catalogs, said Hanover chose ALC of New York because of its track record in the bed, bath and home furnishings categories and to increase list rental income in noncatalog markets like publishing, fundraising and credit cards.

D-J Associates, Richfield, CT, has brought to market the 30,712-name Famous Smoke Shop buyer file. Famous Smoke Shop sells brand-name cigars at a discount through its catalog.

Fasano and Associates, Los Angeles, assumed management earlier this month of the 725,000-name Frederick's of Hollywood buyer list and 1.5-million per year piece package insert program.

Leon Henry, Scarsdale, NY, has assumed management of the 80,000-name Historic Newspaper Archive list of buyers of newspapers dating from 1880. The firm is offering list rental specials during the conference.

Mal Dunn Associates, Croton Falls, NY, has assumed management of the 5-million-plus name Buyer's Choice list of respondents to Polk Co. surveys on more than 100 product and service category preferences.

The RFMplus cooperative catalog database operated jointly by the Millard Group, Peterborough, NH, Mokyrnski & Associates, Hackensack, NJ, Experian Direct Tech, Schaumburg, IL, and OrderTrust, Lowell, MA, has raised participation to 70 catalogs with an average 60-day hotline count of between 2.5 million and 3 million buyers. RFMplus will be sponsoring a presentation today on incorporating hotline buyers into a mail plan and other ways to speed names to market.

RMI Direct Marketing, Danbury, CT, took over management earlier this month of the 2.3-million-name Hanover Corporate Database of buyers from the 13 Hanover Direct catalogs and plans to launch lists for individual market sectors by June 1. The Hanover database will be enhanced with demographic and psychographic information from Experian's Insource database. Names will be updated weekly and enhancements quarterly.

The SpeciaLISTS, Weehawken, NJ, will be assuming management of the 94,000-name Coach catalog list and announced that Karen Isenberg will rejoin the firm today as senior vice president of list management.

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