Worldata Adds 7 Management Properties

Worldata/WebConnect said yesterday that it has added seven files to its list management roster.

Two of the files, Risk & Insurance Magazine and The Bull and Bear Financial Report subscriber files, are under new management. Risk & Insurance Magazine has 107,000 subscribers who work in the insurance industry, large and small corporations and government. The base price is $140 per thousand. The Bull and Bear Financial Report consists of 81,700 subscribers who are individual financial investors. This list is available for $150 per thousand.

The rest of the files are available for the first time.

The Opt-In E-mail List contains 75,000 names of users of this online comparison-shopping engine. The base price is $200/M.

The AutoBuyers Masterfile consists of 2.5 million postal and 750,000 e-mail addresses. The base prices are $80/M for postal and $150/M for e-mail.

The Opt-In E-mail List consists of professionals who hold technical or corporate jobs and who use the Internet daily. The file contains 50,000 e-mail names and is priced at $200/M.

The Transcender List contains 135,700 postal names and is available for $160/M. It consists of IT professionals and corporate buyers who purchased IT certification exam preparation materials.

HiTech Base contains 900,000 postal names for $125/M and 650,000 e-mail names for $225/M. The file consists of Internet technology professionals.

All of the above lists are available now or become available in the next few weeks. Marketers can access data cards at or call Worldata for more information.

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