World Marketing Launches InsideTrack For Mailers

Direct marketers looking to maximize the impact of their marketing message can use a new product from World Marketing to not only track direct mail but also influence the delivery of their pieces.

World Marketing Inc., a provider of integrated direct marketing solutions, on June 6 debuted InsideTrack.

InsideTrack uses the U.S. Postal Service’s Planet codes to identify and track mail through the delivery process. Planet Codes are barcoded labels that are scanned by the USPS as the mail moves through postal delivery points. High-volume mailers such as retailers, banks and publishers rely on Planet Code technology to measure the effectiveness of mailings, schedule follow-up mailings, identify delivery problems in specific markets or coordinate telemarketing and other media.

World Marketing said because of in-depth understanding of USPS mail processing it can also take advantage of relationships inside the USPS to quickly address problems that stem from things its learned from the service. This can insure on-time delivery, maximize response rates and deliver optimal mail schedules.
InsideTrack is targeted to retailers, financial service companies, travel and hospitality companies and other marketers looking to deliver outbound marketing messages within a tight in home delivery timeframe.

The company said the product would work well for one-day sales or other limited-time events that require exact timing in order to reap the full benefit of return on investment.

InsideTrack also provides marketers with valuable tools for incoming mail as well. Marketers know exactly where an order is so they can respond to calls accordingly, track payments to stop late payment notices and provide advance notice when orders hit, helping marketers with fulfillment.

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