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Work.com Debuts First Ad Campaign

Work.com Inc. last week broke its inaugural advertising campaign three months after founder Don Hutchison, Dow Jones & Co. and Excite @ Home teamed to target businesses with news and resources.

The fourth-quarter campaign by marchFirst, San Francisco, includes full-page ads in The Wall Street Journal; e-mail and an online campaign aimed at businesses executives at more than 100 Internet companies; and radio spots in the New York and San Francisco metropolitan areas.

The aim is to position Work.com as a comprehensive resource for business executives in a market crowded with sites such as AllBusiness.com, localbusiness.com, office.com and the Small Business Administration's sba.org.

“We're definitely trying to position ourselves as a much larger news and information site rather than just a directory of resources,” said Tom Baker, senior vice president of marketing at Work.com, Redwood City, CA.

Tag lined “Rise Up and Prosper,” the campaign communicates Work.com's goal of providing users with the latest news in their industry. Headlines include “With Work.com, You Can Crush Your Competition — Crush Them Like a Paper Cup” and “End the Repetitiveness, Find New Ways to Be Successful.”

Baker said that, unlike many other business sites, Work.com's focus would not be limited to small businesses. Offerings on the site include news, vendor listings, and tools for conducting business in categories such as the consumer sector, health, finance, energy, professional services and technology.

The site was created after Dow Jones closed dowjones.com as a standalone site. Excite, on its part, has co-branded its business channel with Work.com.

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