Women’s Title Aims to Shatter Business Ceiling

Shattered Magazine LLC, a privately held publishing firm, has launched an international women’s magazine highlighting business issues.

The title debuted in June, targeting senior professional women on a global level. It aims to support, mentor, encourage and celebrate women doing well in the workplace.

“Our focus is on business, but we try to make sure that the articles aren’t too technical, and if they are, we provide an explanation,” said Julie Ros, founding editor and publisher of Shattered, New York. “We want to broaden the scope for women, break down barriers and encourage them in the industry.”

Shattered has a circulation rate base of 75,000 and will be available on newsstands next spring. A single issue costs $4.95.

Though the magazine features content from a woman’s perspective, 10 percent of readers are male. Also, Shattered continues to seek new networks of readers.

“Our circulation strategy is hitting the right type of audience, and we have a three-pronged approach,” Ms. Ros said. “We are going to professional women’s networks, Ivy League and business schools to reach younger and aspiring women and also directly to banks and companies.”

Organizations were contacted through telephone calls and in-person meetings to gain distribution in each company.

The first issue contains articles such as “If You Can Make It Here, You’ll Make It Anywhere” by Melanie Wold; “Developing an Intellectual Property Protection Strategy for Today’s China” by Annie Tsoi; and “European Bond Market” by Monique Wong. Charter advertisers are Citigroup, HSBC, De Beers, Carrier and the Edinburgh International Festival.

Shattered’s launch comes about nine months after Bee magazine debuted in October with editorial and advertising covering politics, lifestyle and finance — all tailored to women. The quarterly from Femme Publications, Dallas, targets women 25-45 who are out of college and seeking a job or are newly divorced and in need of moneymaking skills. Monaco native Celine Gumbiner is Bee’s publisher, CEO and founder.

Bee has a rate base of 100,000, with 60 percent newsstand and the rest via subscription. Barnes & Noble, Borders and Books-A-Million sell single copies for $5.95. A subscription of four issues costs $19.95.

Meanwhile, Shattered will not release new issues in July and August, but will use the time for feedback and further research. Beginning in September, the magazine becomes a monthly, competing against BusinessWeek, Forbes and Fortune.

“Ultimately, we want to change the world,” Ms. Ros said. “We want to portray women in business as the norm, address different industries from a woman’s point of view and to encourage women and men to branch out with their careers.”

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