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Witness Systems, PeopleSoft to Integrate Software

Witness Systems has partnered with PeopleSoft to become the first multimedia customer interaction recording and analysis software firm to offer an integrated customer relationship management service with PeopleSoft, Witness Systems said yesterday.

Witness Systems will integrate with PeopleSoft CRM Support and HelpDesk, providing a link to a business's customer call centers. According to Witness Systems, companies will have the ability to access important customer information with a single keystroke, inspect vital business processes and capture specific customer interactions to ensure quality service.

The eQuality Connect middleware from Witness Systems will integrate with PeopleSoft's CRM applications, which link front-end information with back-office data about customers, suppliers and employees, allowing companies to monitor and evaluate complete customer interactions from first contact to final bill.

As a result, contact centers can record customer sales/service representatives of external parties based on predefined business rules that can be triggered from within specified fields of the PeopleSoft CRM solution.

Recording information in this way will allow companies to capture the customer contacts deemed most critical to their customer- and business-focused goals, Witness Systems said. It also will provide management with insight into the effectiveness of its business processes, what types of training and coaching initiatives should be implemented, and how to streamline the flow and navigation of information better from within the PeopleSoft CRM software.

Witness Systems, Atlanta, is a provider of customer interaction recording, analysis and e-learning software. PeopleSoft, Pleasanton, CA, provides e-business applications that let customers, suppliers and employees power the Internet.

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