With TechValidate integration, Oracle’s Marketing Cloud now has a content generating platform

There are many tools available to marketers through Oracle’s Marketing Cloud, but a content generating platform wasn’t one of them, until now. Oracle’s Eloqua today announced an integration with TechValidate, a platform that generates marketing content from existing customers.

TechValidate facilitates the process by which marketers can get their existing customers to create marketing material for them. This can be in the form of case studies, surveys or testimonials. Through the use of forms and surveys, TechValidate gathers that information and puts it into a format that makes it easy to use as marketing material, ready for deployment through email, social or sales channels.

Here’s an example of a form TechValidate would send to customers:

TechValidate CEO Brad O’Neill says his company’s platform solves a very specific problem for marketers, which is getting their customers to validate their satisfaction with the product, or contributing to future marketing material.

“Typically, 90% of any company’s customers will not participate in marketing activities because of legal and PR restrictions,” says O’Neill. “But they’re more than willing to give either happy testimonials, participate in a case study, or answer statistical data points if there’s a third party like us that’s preserving their public identity.”

Through its integration with Eloqua, TechValidate provides marketers the ability to access all the customer-generated content and place it in the marketing automation system through simple drag-and-drop functions. 

Customers can choose to use only campaign-specific assets or their entire TechValidate content library, which could contain hundreds or thousands of verified customer proof points organized by industry, company size, title/role and more. 

The TechValidate option is now available to existing Eloqua customers at no additional cost.

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