With LinkedIn’s new ‘Showcase Pages,’ brands can have different pages for each of their products

LinkedIn’s latest feature for company pages on its platform allows brands to highlight different products rather than the company as a whole.

The new ‘Showcase Pages’ for brands was launched today, enabling brands to build different communities around either their products or services. This makes sense for a company like Adobe or Microsoft, which has both consumer and enterprise facing products and would want a separate following for each side. If you want to follow Adobe Marketing Cloud updates, you don’t necessarily want to get updates about Adobe Photoshop. With the new features, users can now pick and choose which aspect of the company they want to follow. For the brand, it allows more targeted messaging and content.

Here’s what the Showcase Page for Microsoft Office looks like:

The Showcase pages work exactly the same way as regular company pages, but instead of having to create a new page for every product through the LinkedIn signup process, page managers can now just do it through the main company page. Here’s how, from LinkedIn’s announcement:

First, identify the business areas of your company that need a Showcase Page. Then go to the “Edit” dropdown menu and select “Create a Showcase Page.” Once created, you can start sharing content from your page. You will also be able to monitor the performance of your Showcase Page through our analytic tools.

The new Showcase Pages will begin rolling out to users within the next couple of days.

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