Wishoo Takes Snapshot Approach to Gathering Names

Wishoo Inc., a technology-based marketing services company, is counting on a little consumer narcissism to drive its list-building business.

Event planners hire Wishoo to take digital photographs of attendees at “defining moments.” Consumers are then given a card with a serial number and encouraged to go to Wishoo.com where they can access the photo for free. They are asked to register their name, ZIP code and e-mail address as well as to opt in for information about future events and special offers.

Consumers also are encouraged to e-mail friends and family from the site, inviting them to see the photo.

The goal of this process is to build up opt-in databases for the company's client.

Companies spend a good deal of money to get consumers to come to these events with no way of capturing data, said John Wechsler, CEO of Wishoo Inc., Indianapolis. “This allows our sponsors to monetize the value of the consumers,” he said.

A Wishoo employee can take 30 pictures per hour at the events. Wechsler said that 70 percent of all cards distributed are redeemed for access to the free pictures. Each person who views the picture sends it to an average of three people, and 85 percent of those recipients view the picture. He would not comment on the number of people who opt in as a result.

To entice consumers to opt in, the company has offered incentives, such as passes to the Brickyard 400 car race. Wishoo has also worked with the Michael Jordan Basketball Camp and is currently in negotiations with the NCAA.

The company plans to offer instant views of pictures early next year. It will accomplish this through wireless technology that will instantly send the photo to the site. A consumer then will be able to go to a kiosk at the event to access the image.

Consumers also can purchase a copy of the image for $2.99. In the future, the company plans to offer the ability to order pictures placed on mugs and T-shirts.

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