Wireless Companies Agree to Carry AOL Network

America Online, Dulles, VA, said yesterday it signed deals with six telephone and wireless companies to help AOL develop its “AOL Anywhere” strategy.

AOL, which has already created a wireless division, plans to give consumers instant access to their e-mail and other AOL products from almost anywhere.

As part of the deal, Research in Motion will make the service available through a customized AOL-branded handheld device. Motorola, BellSouth Corp., Sprint PCS, Arch Communications Group Inc. and Nokia Corp. all agreed to offer versions of the AOL service.

“Today’s wireless announcements are a major step forward for the ‘AOL Anywhere’ strategy – allowing consumers to be connected anywhere anytime with the ease they have become accustomed to with the AOL service on a PC,” said Steve Case, AOL’s CEO. “There’s no question that we’re on the eve of an explosion in consumers’ move to wireless and how they use interactive devices.”

AOL will make content from its Digital City city guide available to wireless consumers in 60 cities next month.

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