Wipro hires Pitney Bowes for international e-commerce service

Bangalore, India-based IT services company Wipro Technologies has tapped Pitney Bowes as its international e-commerce solution provider for its digital customer experience platform.

The goal of the hire is to provide Internet retail sites that use Wipro’s e-commerce base to provide efficient cross-border purchasing and shipping to shoppers worldwide. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Pitney will also provide fulfillment services for international shipments. One of the service’s key goals is to enable retailers to identify new revenue opportunities by seeking previously untapped markets, Hari Shetty, VP and head of retail at Wipro Technologies.

The companies have worked together for six years.

Megan Higgins, director of e-commerce, sales and marketing at Pitney Bowes, said being a direct service provider is a relatively new space for the company. Its platform’s goal is to simplify the process for international companies buying from US brands.

“So, for any global buyer that is looking to buy from a US brand and a US-based merchant, there’re a lot of complexities,” she said.  

The platform Pitney Bowes created can manage duties and tax accurately by market. It also classifies stock-keeping units and merchant catalogs.

“We assign that duty and tax amount and move those packages on behalf of the merchants through our physical distribution work,” Higgins explained.

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