Winning with key mail moments

The recent focus on “customer experi­ence” has a lot of people revisiting Web site designs, call center processes and cus­tomer relationship management platforms. It also means looking closely at your direct mail programs to ensure they are keeping step with other go-to-market channels.

A direct mail piece can be as powerful and intimate as any Web site. You have a cus­tomer’s full attention, with their two hands and two eyes focused on your message. The question is: Are you leveraging these mail moments?

Creating a mail piece that drives custom­ers to respond, log on, call or visit requires impeccable execution. You need eye-catching design and engaging copy. But to create an effective experience, the mail piece must get to the right person, at the right time with the right offer. Here are a few pointers for creating direct mail that delivers.

Is your call to action clear? How you define success should be understood by your customers and the marketing managers mea­suring the results. Is the direct mail campaign integrated with at least two other channels such as the Web, call center, e-mail, radio, print or point-of-sale activities? Accord­ing to the Direct Marketing Association, nearly 33% of people respond to direct mail by going online.

Have you incorporated demographic data and location intelligence into your personalization? Response rates soar when marketers increase relevance with content customized by location, gender or buying behavior. Is the mail piece timely? Market­ers who demonstrate time-sensitive oppor­tunities can create a sense of urgency. Offers are more compelling when they are for a limited time only.

What’s in a name? Mr. Jenny Hutchinson, Jr. is probably not amused by the mismatched salutation. Data cleansing with software that confirms accuracy against official US Postal Service data is a must.

You make it easier for customers and pros­pects to identify with your message when you apply address cleansing, data integra­tion and location intelligence to your mail piece. When direct mail is executed well, the consumer does more than raise an eye­brow. They get online. They make a call. They drop by a store to learn more.

All because of a mail moment.

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