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Winners and Losers of The Week 8/1

Every week, The Hub rounds up who’s winning and who’s losing in the marketing tech world. Here’s who made this week’s selection:




This was the best week Twitter has had since it went public. Dick Costolo and co. silenced the naysayers with a strong Q2 2014 earnings report that saw Twitter post a profit for the first time in its history. The user growth problem might not be entirely solved (especially in the US) but Twitter is generating tons of revenue and building even more capabilities for advertisers to use its platform.


It was a great week for public social media companies, as LinkedIn also reported a blockbuster quarter. Revenue increased nearly 50% year-over-year, but it was the launch of a new product that got the most attention. Yesterday, LinkedIn released Sales Navigator, its first social selling tool that leverages its huge database of business profiles to generate lead prospects for B2B sales teams. As far as lead generation goes, this might just be the most valuable tool created for the market yet. 


Although Forrester didn’t officially declare it the winner, it did recognize Adobe as being the leader in the marketing cloud race. Adobe beat out Salesforce, IBM and Oracle when it came to Forrester’s ranking of digital experience delivery platforms. It’s a brand new report category from Forrester, which looks to evaluate the integrated multi-channel marketing solutions being offered by enterprise tech brands. Adobe was given credit for its stellar analytics and content management solutions, as well as being further along the integration process than anyone else.



Facebook went down for 17 minutes today and there was much chaos and pandemonium around the world  (OK so it wasn’t that big of a deal, but we’re lacking real losers this week) So for your entertainment, here are the best tweets about the Facebook outage. 

One thing’s for sure. No matter what happens to any other social media network, the joke is always on Google+.

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