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Winemaker Sips From Film Festival Database

Winemaker Trinchero begins an e-mail blast this week to 20,000 to 30,000 people from the U.S. Film Festival Circuit database to promote its sponsorship of two of the 12 U.S. Film Festivals to be held this year.

Through the partnership, Trinchero, St. Helena, CA, will market its products to the festival's database, estimated at 20,000 to 30,000 people per event, using e-mail, signage and mentions within the festival's newsletters, fliers and brochures.

Robert Tuchman, president/CEO of TSE Sports and Entertainment, the New York sports and entertainment marketing and consulting firm handling the campaign, said festival attendees fit the company's target demographic.

“The demographics at the festival are a high-end, trendy type,” he said. “They have incomes of over $65,000. The people attending each of the festivals are the people Trinchero wants to get in front of because they are looked at as trendsetters.”

The goals are to expand the brand's name and promote its wine of the month club, an informal offering that Tuchman said benefits consumers and Trinchero.

“It will give consumers the ability to receive updates on new wines, tastings and Trinchero,” he said. “And for Trinchero, it provides them with an opportunity to build their database.”

E-mails for each festival Trinchero will sponsor have the same format, promoting the dates of each event and announcing the partnership with Trinchero. The text will ask consumers to click on a link back to the Trinchero home page, where they can get more information on the company and sign up for its e-mail updates.

Trinchero also will reach potential festival attendees through newsletters and brochures sent to the festival's database. Tuchman said print promotions will include the Trinchero logo along with text outlining the sponsorship, the Web address and the opt-in e-mail component.

The brochures and newsletters started going out the last week in December. The first festival begins Jan. 9 in Palm Springs, CA. The second begins Feb. 28 in Santa Barbara, CA.

Other advertising for Trinchero will be in the form of commercials shown before the some of the films begin, slides shown on the screen before some of the films and a listing and link on the festival's Web site.

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