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Why should I be optimistic about finding a direct marketing job, given this economy?

As an executive recruiter, I am speaking with many concerned, distressed or outright panicky direct marketers these days. It’s understandable. The news is full of stories about layoffs, cut backs, and hiring freezes.

Certainly these are not the best of times. But the truth is, even with 8% unemployment, the vast majority of people remain gainfully employed. Companies are hiring. We are even working with several companies that are growing, even in this economy, and they need good people.

I have personal friends and family that have been laid off recently, in addition to some of our candidates that I have known for years that feel like friends and family.

This recession is real and painful. But, look around you — there are companies that are expanding their direct marketing departments, and these firms have positions that need to be filled. Check out all the job boards and job networking sites, and you still will see hundreds of open positions.

In our recruiting practice, the month of March was a banner month. Although we may have fewer search assignments overall, the companies that have engaged us to fill positions are not just “window shopping”; they are hiring.

While there are not as many open positions, the ones that do exist appear to hold a greater sense of urgency than in a more vibrant job market. Smart employers know that someone with direct marketing skills is a revenue generator, not an expensive addition to the bottom line.

So turn off the television news. Direct marketing job opportunities are available.

Perhaps there are not as many job openings as you would hope for, but you only need one job.

When searching, cast your net wide by reaching deep into your network of friends and professional acquaintances, registering with a recruiter you have heard positive things about, and following through on every job lead. And maintain a positive attitude.

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