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Who’s Who brings its lists in-house

Marquis Who’s Who, publisher of the original Who’s Who in America and a source of domestic and foreign biological data, is now managing its files in-house.

The move aims to allow Marquis to provide daily updating and to add new selects more quickly. The files are comprised of accomplished and prominent direct mail and e-mail responsive individuals who regularly respond to promotions.

The files range from senior level executives and decision-makers to self-employed entrepreneurs and affluent retirees, with an average household income of $130,000. The average product-purchasing price is $250.

There are approximately 16,000 domestic responders and buyers on file and the base price is $110/M. E-mail record options include 131,000 domestic responders and buyers with a base price of $200/M and 66,000 foreign responders and buyers with a base price of $300/M.

Selects include six- and 12-month hotline responders and buyers, top management, geography, gender, occupation, interest, political affiliation, and religion.

New selects include Baby Boomers, decade of birth, marital status, and presence of children.

Initial data cards include:

–Marquis Who’s Who at Business Address

–Marquis Who’s Who at Home Address

–Marquis Who’s Who Baby Boomers

–Marquis Who’s Who at Domestic E-mail Address

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