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Who’s Ready for DM Days?

Yes, another DM Days New York conference is upon us. It’s time to head to the Javits Center and find out what marketers have on their minds. We present our guide to the conference in a separate supplement that’s included with this issue of DM News. Along with a preview of the show, we look at the keynote speakers and exhibitors and include tips on some of New York’s best restaurants.

The session programming from the Direct Marketing Association seems a little light in the online realm, though there are at least two sessions devoted to search engine marketing this time. That’s twice as many as at last fall’s annual conference. The exhibit floor will feature the same number of companies as last year, but their makeup is the traditional list, database and marketing services companies. The DMA’s annual show and last month’s catalog conference draw a more diverse mix. Though the Internet is back, it appears that the online folks are opting for the more highly targeted ad:tech and SES shows. The DMA also did away with its direct response pavilion, which it featured at last year’s show.

As much as I love JetBlue, I’m still trying to figure out why the DMA chose David Neeleman, JetBlue’s chairman/CEO, as its marketer of the year. Maybe it is the airline’s attention to the customer, something that we all need to focus on more.

Revenge of Darth Tater

Forget about the iPod giveaways being offered at several booths again. For the best DM Days promotion, I need to single out BMI Fulfillment Service’s postcard campaign and the chance to win one of 20 Mr. Potato Head Darth Taters. I guess George Lucas does have a sense of humor. Like the beginning to the six “Star Wars” movies, the front of the postcard read, “DM Days: Episode 642 [that’s their booth number]. Games, Glory, and a chance to win a $100 Shopping Spree to the Best Toys in creation would be found not too long ago, not too far away, in a Galaxy known as New York City.” Sounds better than the last movie, and the promotion does double duty since BMI does order processing for the Web site of the Potato Head family’s maker, Hasbro.

Where’s the popcorn?

Tad Clarke is editor in chief of DM News. His editorial appears Mondays on www.dmnews.com and in our e-mail newsletter. You can subscribe to our e-mail newsletters by visiting www.dmnews.com/newsletters

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