Who Wants to Eliminate Telemarketing? The Public

One of the great things about DM News is that people actually speak the truth about industry issues, at times unintentionally.

On the front page of your Jan. 28 issue, in the article “FTC’s National DNC Plan Could Be Legal Minefield,” Jon Hamilton, president of JHA Telemanagement, criticized the Federal Trade Commission’s do-not-call plan: “What the FTC wants to do is make it so simple to opt out that very many people will do so.” Isn’t that what everybody but the telemarketers want?

Hamilton, however, misses the point, judging from his next comment: “Clearly, the mission of the FTC seems to be to eliminate telemarketing.” It’s not the FTC, sir. It’s the people getting all the unwanted calls – the rude five seconds of silence when they answer the phone, the recorded pitches, the hustlers who are very much still out there – who want to eliminate telemarketing.

To quote another headline in the same issue, “Reality Is Rearing Its Ugly Head.”

Sam Leandro

General manager Bell Springs Books

Willits, CA

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