Who Should Be Added to the DMA’s Hall of Fame

I received plenty of suggestions for more appropriate inductees than Benjamin Franklin for the Direct Marketing Association’s Hall of Fame. If you recall, the DMA decided earlier this month that being on the $100 bill isn’t enough for Ben. The list of potential candidates – people who actually have used the term “direct marketing” in conversation – included Ed Burnett, Bob Castle, Martin Edelston, Leon Henry, Len Holland, Rebecca Jewett, Raymond Kubly Jr., Don Mokrynski, Ed Nash, Jack Oldstein and Walter Karl. One reader’s comments were too sublime for the DMA (Paul Revere and Og the caveman?) but with Franklin on the list I guess anything’s possible. Here are some thoughts from readers:

“I’ve had the privilege of working with many outstanding people. Two stand out from the rest. Raymond ‘Pat’ Kubly is owner/CEO of The Swiss Colony Inc. In his over 40-plus years … Swiss Colony has grown into a major player in the industry. Becky Jewett, president at Norm Thompson, is another person who has contributed to our industry in countless ways.”

“I do not recall seeing Ed Burnett being inducted. Can that be? If so, to my mind it represents the most egregious oversight since the Florida chads. Somebody is really asleep at the switch.”

“I am quite surprised to find no one has honored Ed Nash – author, lecturer, consultant to Mattel, MCI, Disney, et al., and inventor of many of direct marketing’s sciences. If these qualifications don’t make for a worthy candidate, then please tell me what does.”

“Some suggestions from the insert media industry, now that it’s legitimatized and not being called ‘alternative media’ any longer: Leon Henry and Len Holland. While these two did not write books, start catalogs or publish newsletters, they advanced the direct marketing industry by developing cost-effective ways to market products. Today, this ‘fine art’ is the reason some of the industry’s largest companies continue to grow.”

“This posthumous award lessens the focus on Dave Florence – who … can certainly stand proudly alone at the awards banquet as an example of direct marketing ethics and ingenuity. DMA voting members – wake up. If you wait for others to nominate the truly deserving, you wind up with some really odd nominations. … As for possible nominees – Martin Edelston, founder of Boardroom Inc., is definitely worthy of consideration. Some of the industry’s most innovative marketing ideas have come out of that company.”

Well, DMA, are you listening?

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