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Who Loves Ya, Baby?


Dove was October’s sweetheart brand, the most loved of the month. That’s right, loved. Not merely liked or shared or advocated. Passionately, longingly adored.

Social media platform Hootsuite‘s uberVU analytics division felt that common metrics associated with social media were too cold and rational, not indicative of the channel whatsoever. So they began monitoring hundreds of millions of posts and blogs across 25 leading social sites (and services such as WordPress), tracking 450 leading brands and three data points—mentions, sentiment scores, and the number of times the word “love” was employed. Thus was born The Love List, and here are the first brands de l’amour.

1.    Dove

2.    Friskies

3.    Kohl’s

4.    Avon

5.    Renaissance Hotels

6.    The CW

7.    TripAdvisor

8.    West Elm

9.    Twitter

10.  Nordstrom

“We think this list captures a picture of the public’s real reaction to brands,” says uberVU GM Mark Pascarella. “A lot of the data sets you see out there are still broadcast metrics—counting numbers. We wanted to focus this list on listening instead of broadcasting.”

Verticals that got the most love were, in order, food and beverage, media and entertainment, and consumer packaged goods. Only one luxury brand, Chanel, made it into the top 25, signaling perhaps that The Love List is best at measuring mass affection.

Hootsuite plans to make The Love List a monthly occurrence, and hopes it will establish itself as an accessible indicator of brand popularity. “We wanted it to be easily understood, a metric that will have meaning across an entire organization, and not just in the marketing department,” Pascarella says.

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