Who Let the Cows Out?

Tucows Inc., one of the largest domain name registrars in the world, recently ran an online contest to spur demand for domain names. The company offered a live cow to the person who bought the two millionth domain name year as well as the reseller that sold it.

Domain name years refer to the number of years for which domain names are bought. The contest celebrates two million years of registered domain names sold.

The winner was announced Nov. 10 at the ISPCon trade show in San Jose, CA. The two live cows, Stella and Checkers, stood in front the San Jose Convention Center to chants of “Who Let The Cows Out? Moo. Moo.”

“We thought we'd have fun with the name of the company,” said Dave Keating, vice president of sales and marketing at Tucows Inc., Toronto. “We wanted to celebrate a major milestone for us but also have some fun.”

Patrick Ready, of Charlotte, NC, bought the two millionth domain name year when he registered www.findmyperfectmatch.com.

InterCosmos, at www.intercosmos.com, a domain name registration and free hosting service based in New Orleans, was the reseller of the two millionth domain name year.

Both parties had the option of selecting a cash equivalent of $1,500 instead of the cows. Ready and InterCosmos both elected to do so.

Tucows has resellers in 90 countries, including the United States. According to Keating, the hottest trend in domain name registration is multilingual domain support. On Nov. 9, the company launched registration services for Chinese, Korean and Japanese characters. “We've seen tremendous demand for names in those languages using dot-com, dot-org and dot-net,” he said.

Network Solutions and Register.com are Tucows' biggest competitors.

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