Whatever Happened to Roses and a Box of Candy?

They say the price of love is dear, but does it take a house in the Hollywood Hills to win over a prospective Valentine these days? Suitors bearing roses and flowers may come up short this Saturday, as the most loved entity on social media is HGTV, the cable network that brings you House Hunters, the Property Brothers, and Rehab Addict.

At the conclusion of January, the network of real estate and renovation topped The Love List, a study of activity across 25 social media sites performed by Hootsuite’s uberVU analytics division. It monitored 450 top brands on three data points—mentions, sentiment scores, and the number of times the word “love” was used.

The Top Ten Titillators:

  1. HGTV
  2. Starbucks
  3. Target
  4. Disney
  5. Travel Channel
  6. Twitter
  7. Victoria’s Secret
  8. Chanel
  9. VH1
  10. MTV

Lust for real estate may have had more to do with celebrity pull than Cupid’s arrows, however. HGTV shot to the top of the list from slot 27 the month before following the network’s exclusive airing of The Rose Parade on New Year’s Day and the debut of Ellen’s Design Challenge with Ellen DeGeneres.

Languishing dejectedly on the lower rungs of the list were Triscuit at number 424. (Who doesn’t love Triscuits?!)  Not as surprising was Lowe’s coming in at 391, which just proves that people are much more keen on watching other people—Property Brother Jonathon Scott, for example—renovate houses than doing it themselves.

Also confirmed by The Love List is that there’s no love lost for banks and pharmaceutical companies. The Least Loved, or the bottom 10, included Sudafed, Eli Lilly, Chase, Ally Bank, and U.S. Bank.

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