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What YouTube’s Super Chat Means for Marketers

Google’s video powerhouse YouTube has finally started rolling out an in-app, mobile live-streaming feature, according to the company’s blog.

YouTube creators with more than 10,000 subscribers will now be able to launch livestreams directly from the YouTube app; although, the company says it intends to roll out the feature across a broader user base soon.

While YouTube’s decision to finally dive into the live-streaming market is news enough, marketers may be even more interested in the platform’s simultaneous launch of YouTube Super Chat.

Super Chat is a commenting tool that allows viewers to pay to pin their comments to live streams. These saved comments can last up to five hours, depending on the amount paid, and are moderated by the streamer. Revenue from Super Chats is split between YouTube and the streamer, similar to how marketers use AdSense today.

The feature aims to garner engagement between content creators and viewers while also giving creators a way to monetize streams. Super Chat will be available to users viewing live streams via the YouTube mobile app.

Paid comments aren’t exactly new to the live streaming world, but such a feature on such a massive video platform is unprecedented. Brands like Lego, PlayStation, and Red Bull already have millions of subscribers, many of whom could come into a live stream through a push notification (YouTube notifies users of new content from their subscribed channels) and pay to have their comments read by the brand and audience, alike. Brands could potentially do the same with their video influencer clients.

It’s unclear when or if Super Chat will expand beyond YouTube’s live streams, but it looks like the live-streaming market is about to shift for brand marketers.

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