What You Need To Know Today Nov 12: Twitter analyst day, Brightroll exits and recent social network earnings

Yahoo has bought video-ad service Brightroll for $640 million yesterday.

“Video, along with mobile, social, and native, is driving a surge in digital advertising,” Mayer said in the statement. “BrightRoll is a terrific, strategic and financially compelling fit for our video advertising business.”

Yahoo will hold its analyst day today. In the days leading up the event, investors have demanded a clear monetization strategy from CFO Anthony Noto and a product roadmap from CEO Dick Costello.

CIO dove deeper into LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter’s earnings and found Twitter and LinkedIn still have a great deal of catching up to do.

“Twitter simply hasn’t changed much over the past nine years,” writes Nate Elliot, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester. “While it has enormous notoriety, that hasn’t translated into an enormous user base. If the company can’t get more people engaged with its site more often, marketers might shift their focus elsewhere.”

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