What You Need to Know Oct 31: Slack, marketing automation in healthcare, LinkedIn earnings, and Trialfire

Medical Marketing & Media looked at how marketing automation is impacting the healthcare industry. In other news, user-generated review site Trust Radius has found searches for marketing automation have increased 50% in the past year.

Slack, an enterprise internal communications tool, has raised $120M, reported over 73,000 users.

TechCrunch has the details on Trialfire, a “code-free analytics service.” Wrote Jonathan Shieber:

The software places a pin to indicate an action is being tracked — like a GPS with points of interest. Regular visitors are never aware of Trialfire, but whenever they perform a tracked action, an event is sent to the connected services.

LinkedIn’s continues its exponential revenue growth. This quarter the money it made from its marketing solutions business accounted for nearly a fifth of its total revenue, 45% increase over last year.

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