What You Need To Know Nov6: AOL, Kik, and Adaptiv.io

Snapchat-competitor Kik announced “promoted chats”, which allows brands to send tailored one-to-one marketing messages to followers. TechCrunch has the details.

The idea is that brands have interesting things to say and share so, rather than generic ads for everyone, Kik users can pick which companies that they want to hear from. Or just opt out altogether. Using the right messages, the idea is that Kik accounts can be used to direct users to offers, promotions, new content or feedback.

Recode investigated AOL’s 3rd quarter earnings, finds the company is more or less an ad tech company. AOL’s third-party ad group is the company’s fastest growing division, “making up 45 percent of all advertising,” according to Recode.

VentureBeat reported that video game developer Sleepy Giant has changed its name to Adaptiv.io and pivoted to a mobile marketing automation provider. David Lee, the co-founder and president, told VentureBeat:

“We don’t think the solutions out there are benefiting marketing managers based on our surveys. They use multiple tools, they build in-house tools, and there are a lot that they don’t use anymore.”

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