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What You Need to Know Nov 17: Facebook enterprise, video sharing and the nature of Facebook promotion

Unruly found that 20% of Web users typically produce 80% of the video shares that happen any given week.

Facebook has plans to increase its foothold in enterprise services, according to the FT. A new website, called Facebook for Work, would make it easier to chat with colleagues and collaborate over documents, according to the UK publication, which attributed its story to people familiar with the matter.

C-Net got metaphysical; asked – when could a Facebook post from a company not be deemed promotion, in light of news that Facebook would clamp down on non-paid “promotional posts”.

If a brand posts information about a charity it’s supporting, it’s advertising that it’s the sort of brand that cares about more than profit (so feel good about us and about buying our products). If a brand mentions a new product, a new factory, a new CEO, even its local sports team this is all designed to enhance the feelings you might have toward the brand. They used to call that corporate advertising. It’s supposed to make you buy more.

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