What You Need to Know Nov 13: Twitter’s new features, YouTube subscriptions, AdRoll’s Big Data, and more

YouTube music subscriptions are almost here, as the platform experiments with monetizing without ads. Re/code takes a look at what the likely reaction will be. But the question is, will you pay $10 a month to watch music videos online?

Despite all the news and opinions and (even CEO announcements) to the contrary, Digiday’s John McDermott argues that organic reach at Facebook is not dead. And he’s got the stats to prove it.

Afraid of missing out on the best tweets of the day because you were away from your computer? Twitter has a cure for your FOMO. Along with a slew of new features it unveiled on Analyst Day, Twitter will now inject the top tweets you missed directly into your timeline, under a new “While You Were Away” tab.

Leading ad retargeting platform AdRoll announced today that it is processing a massive 130 terabytes of advertising data daily and has reached 10 petabytes of stored data from the last 12 months.

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