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What would you give for customers’ undivided attention?

What would you give to have three to four minutes of your customers’ undivided attention?

We only have to look at our own hectic lives to intuitively know how busy our customers are. Work. Kids. Commuting. Friends. Family. Housing chores (cooking, cleaning, etc). Maybe a little TV. Some Web surfing. And the day is gone. Get up the next morning and hit the replay button. With that kind of schedule, you’re lucky to get two or three seconds of your customers’ attention.

Yet busy as they are, once a month, they will give your communications their undivided and highly concentrated attention.

Statements are unrivaled in their “openability.” More than 95 percent of transaction documents are opened and read each month—far more than any other type of direct response effort. After your customers open your statement, they’ll spend an average of two to three minutes reading it. Furthermore, the statements are often looked at more than once.

TransPromo (transactional promotions) are messages you can create and print on your statements, promoting a service, product, sale or anything else you want to bring to your customers’ attention. It’s been estimated that a 5 percent increase in current customer business can translate into as much as a 50 percent increase in bottom-line profits.

If you send out monthly statements, you should investigate how Pitney Bowes TransPromo can increase revenues for your business. You can search our website for more information. In fact, click here to read an interesting white paper about TransPromo.

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