What skills do I highlight when interviewing for a position in healthcare digital marketing?

Consumers and healthcare professionals now go to the Web before anywhere else to seek health information. Understanding what consumers and professionals want and need, and supplying that information online rather than simply pushing brand messaging, requires intense skill.

The skills themselves are capability-specific — for example, candidates should understand research tools related to media planning and buying or measurement tools related to strategy and analytics. You must be well-versed in the complex tools available to marketers today, especially social media and realtime tools that enable a higher level of interaction and brand-building than ever before. Candidates may be asked to explain their experience with particular tools and resources by describing how or when they have used them in the past. Our interviewers would want to hear examples to gain an understanding of the depth of knowledge the candidate may possess. It is also helpful to bring work samples, especially for creative roles. Candidates should put together reports or presentations they feel highlight their skill set.

You must also have a deep understanding of the complex world of healthcare, including its many legal and social sensitivities. A background in healthcare is key but, unlike many other industries, that experience can come from beyond the marketing industry as well, such as volunteering for a nonprofit or coming from the provider side. Several of our employees are former physicians. The ideal candidate can apply that to the digital realm because they understand how to creatively engage the audience.

We’ve been happy to find that these challenges bring amazing talent to us. Overall, we look for candidates who have a passion for developing interactive campaigns and consuming media online.

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