What should a candidate look for in a workplace culture?

My advice to candidates, especially those looking for a position in interactive marketing, is to seek out a company with an extensiveon-boarding program. This can help a new hire get up to speed. Also, a mentor program can give new hires opportunities to meet coworkers within the first few months on the job. This allows new employees to develop the rela­tionships and networks that they need to be successful. These formal or informal programs can match employees with higher-level employees, to give them access to those with whom they might never interact.

Check whether the company offers internal training, ongoing educational opportunities and knowledge-sharing programs. These give you the chance to keep up with changes in the marketplace. Ask the company for background on the firm — what it does, what its vision is and where leadership would like the company to be in 10 years. New hires should get extensive background on the company’s clients, as well as insight into brand strategies, so that they can make solid contributions to the team.

It’s also important for candidates to consider not only how the culture will support personal and professional needs now, but in the future. The company should offer a diverse benefits package that will improve over time. It may offer summer hours and travel discounts today, but a candidate may also want to see if the company has a generous parental leave program or allows its employees to work non-standard work hours to fit his or her future lifestyle.

Try to picture how your working attitudes will fit in with the company’s culture. It’s important that you make friends in the office and also have the opportunity to do great work.

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