What Kills the Customer Experience?

In the life cycle of the online purchase, there are two customer “pain points” – checkout and delivery. These pain points can either make or break the purchase experience. So what do customers want? They’re looking for easier checkouts and accurate deliveries.. A recent study by global data quality firm Melissa revealed the impact that poor customer experiences and bad customer data can have on e-tailers. Here’s a glimpse:

  • 78% shopping-cart abandonment
  • Decrease in repeat business
  • Missed referrals
  • Losses of up to $70 for a single shipping error
  • Customers lost to competitors

Could this be your business? If so, you might be missing opportunities for higher online conversion rates, increased revenue, and customer loyalty.

On the upside, research shows that loyal customers will spend the most money on a site in general, purchase the highest-priced items in particular, and refer the most new customers.

But, turning one-time buyers into loyal online customers isn’t as easy as it seems. 69% of consumers will refuse to make repeat purchases based solely on delivery issues!

It’s clear that customers demand a better shopping experience, even over getting the best products at the lowest price.

Read the full article for facts and stats on what is killing the customer’s online experience and get tips on how you can drive conversions and loyalty during the online purchase process.


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