What it’s like to work at a marketing tech startup

At The Hub, we’re constantly covering the latest news and developments coming out of the marketing tech space. While a lot of the innovation comes from established, legacy tech enterprises like Salesforce, Adobe and Oracle, there are some exciting new startups out there creating products that are making marketers lives infinitely easier. Content marketing platform Kapost is one of them.

I came across this account by Kapost’s senior community and content manager Andrew Coate, where he explains how he got into the business, and the challenges his company faces as an up-and-coming tech startup.

The full account is on LinkedIn, and it’s an interesting read. But here’s the passage that I think signifies why startups are such a threat to legacy companies, especially when it comes to innovation. It is their ability to swiftly react and change when trouble hits:

Coates writes:

In mid-February our marketing team had our plan completely disrupted, scrambling us to put all hands on deck toward launching something that had previously been planned for later on. None of us were ready for that call to action, but all of us bonded together – as did all other departments of Kapost from product to engineering to customer success to sales – to successfully launch. We still met each of our original marketing goals on top of that as well.

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